Cheaper tickets were just as good

I had bought a ticket package for the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions in Singapore featuring two singles matches already in June. Back then I was thinking that maybe I will take one more session on Friday. I chose the day session not only because I´m getting sleepy quite early, but also because of the pricing. … Continue reading

Sveta turning back time

I remember well the first time I saw Svetlana Kuznetsova. The year was 2002 and the place Finland, my home country. Still ranked outside top 100, Sveta had come to play Nordic Light Tournament there. She had to qualify to get to the main draw, but went on to win it all. She also won … Continue reading

Look at Katerina now

On Wednesday I saw the best hitting in this tournament this far. And it came from a woman I didn´t expect. In the morning I wanted to see Svetlana Kuznetsova because she won Sydney and she is a Grand Slam champion, of course.  What I ended up to see was Katerina Bondarenko hitting winners right … Continue reading

Sunny but chilly

Have I already told that I try to avoid staying in hotels? In hotels, you get the standard room, you walk a long corridor and then try to find the right number. Once again I´m staying at an private house booked through Airbnb. Yesterday was a great example why this is better than hotels – … Continue reading