High heels with a thunder

A new tournament is always thrilling to explore. You don´t know how the court would look like from the stands and how close you are actually getting. This week I´m watching WTA Finals in Singapore for the first time. But before I got to the arena, I fortunately checked the other programme during the day. … Continue reading

The big thing on clay is soon under way

I started the outdoor tennis season on clay today. The photo above, however, was taken last year in similar circumstances. The gentlemen on left were around even this time, but there was no chance to put shorts on, it was so cool and windy. The court was not in great shape either, the ball bounced … Continue reading

What makes a champion?

Wednesday looked like not so special day as far as the order of play was concerned. Pretty boring matchups, I thought as I decided not to record anything before I was supposed to wake up. How wrong I was! On paper, Sharapova vs. Panova or Nadal vs. Smyczek were just an ordinary day at the … Continue reading