Centre Court exclusive

I have been watching a lot of tennis during the last two months. But since I have not been personally present at the tournaments, I haven´t felt the urgent need to write something. Every photo I would had posted had been taken months if not years ago and the press has covered every move that … Continue reading

Indian Wells doesn´t deserve a big tournament

Not so long ago, let´s say 20 years, Indian Wells was just an ordinary stop in the WTA and ATP tours. Women and men played in consecutive weeks. All was well, but then they decided to go big. Build a big stadium, go combined and start to aspire being bigger than the well established Miami … Continue reading

The magic of saving a match point

The first round of the Australian Open was anything but easy for Angelique Kerber. She fought hard but her opponent matched her stroke by stroke. In the first set Kerber led by a break, but let the lead slip away and lost a tiebreaker. In the second set she led again, but lost the advantage. … Continue reading

Rafa has lost a step

I don´t think if I ever had seen so much tennis I wanted to see in a single day that I had yesterday. I started at Margaret Court Arena which I had tickets for watching Madison Keys against Zarina Diyas, then continued with Andy Murray and Alexander Zverev. Because I already saw the latter matchup … Continue reading

A draw ceremony to remember

In my first full day in Melbourne I wanted to see some qualifying tennis at Melbourne park. So I left my accommodation early and planned to watch some glimpses of play. I don´t want to spend the whole day at the qualifying, otherwise I would be ovet-tennised before the tournament begins. However, I saw something … Continue reading

Serena away, it was mixed that made the day

Serena, Serena, you let me down. I bought just these tickets to see you, but you didn´t show up. Knee injury, they said. OK, was it just a tame explanation for the fact that you arrived here just two days ago, hoping to be in shape to play. You should ask Andy Murray how to … Continue reading

Hobbling Hopman Cup

Sometimes it takes just a little bit of visual stimulation to get your brain accustomed to something that hasn´t been there for a long time. Walking by the Perth Arena today I suddenly realized that after all, there is a sport called tennis in this world! It has been the furthest thing in my mind … Continue reading

Odd Roland clothing and website

Two days ago I saw some Wilson-sponsored player wear something I thought was meant to be worn only at night or by some clown in cirkus. Immediately I thought that our own Jarkko Nieminen would most certainly wear the same piece on centre court one day after. And I was right. I don´t know how … Continue reading

And the champion of the Hopman Cup is…

It´s one week into 2015 as I realize I should have made a New Year´s resolution concerning this blog. I should write something down at least once a week, otherwise this would be just another forgotten site in the cyberspace. Now it´s a perfect time to start anew. It´s the first week of the pro … Continue reading

Movement is the key

Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova haven´t had any sort of trouble in their first two matches. Yesterday they were both playing on No. 1 court, Serena first and Maria third. The trouble with big names is often the lack of resistance their opponents are able to give them. That was just what happened yesterday. Chanelle … Continue reading