Hola Madrid!

  What a feeling it is to see your “old friends” once again after 6 months! The last time I saw pro tennis live was in Singapore last year during the women´s season ending championships. Madrid is one of the best chances to see many top pros live in a couple of days. Yesterday I … Continue reading

Fast4 tiebreak, what´s going on?

Switzerland won the Hopman Cup for the second year running. An expected result, bearing in mind that Roger Federer was once again in the team. Although Germany had a strong team in singles, Zverev and Kerber are not great doubles players. Actually, they surprised me in mixed doubles. In the first set they were down … Continue reading

Centre Court exclusive

I have been watching a lot of tennis during the last two months. But since I have not been personally present at the tournaments, I haven´t felt the urgent need to write something. Every photo I would had posted had been taken months if not years ago and the press has covered every move that … Continue reading

The magic of saving a match point

The first round of the Australian Open was anything but easy for Angelique Kerber. She fought hard but her opponent matched her stroke by stroke. In the first set Kerber led by a break, but let the lead slip away and lost a tiebreaker. In the second set she led again, but lost the advantage. … Continue reading

Moshing to the fin(n)ish line

On Monday I witnessed a great tennis show. These days it takes something extraordinary to keep me captivated. Boris Becker once said that winning Wimbledon at such an early age was a double-edged sword. He kept asking himself: “What else is there?” Winning Wimbledon was supposed to be a highlight for every tennis player, but … Continue reading

The big thing on clay is soon under way

I started the outdoor tennis season on clay today. The photo above, however, was taken last year in similar circumstances. The gentlemen on left were around even this time, but there was no chance to put shorts on, it was so cool and windy. The court was not in great shape either, the ball bounced … Continue reading

Rogers and Rafas should not always play on Rod Laver

One thing that has surprised me at this years´s Aussie Open are the court assignments. Or if not that, then people´s reactions to it. When Serena Williams played her first match, she was put to open the night session at the new Margaret Court Arena. That´s all right, but then I saw some Serena fan … Continue reading

Upset frenzy

Upsets are the best thing in tennis. I always look forward to seeing them already in the first week of a Grand Slam. Ernests Gulbis beating Roger Federer is great in my opinion, although the French fans might have been thinking otherwise. They even cheered the errors of Gulbis, which I think is bad. Li … Continue reading

Quiet please! Master at work

Seeing Roger Federer play a match doesn´t happen very often for me. I can count with one hand the times I have seen him play live. The first time might have been in Rotterdam in 2004 at an indoor tournament. The only other time I remember was at Wimbledon a couple of years ago. That … Continue reading

Nole is better than his reputation

Novak Djokovic has had hard time growing up. As a young professional, he earned a reputation as a quitter, because he used to retire from the matches because of various physical ailments. When he did not retire, he whined and took medical timeouts during matches. Coming from a country with no previous tennis traditions did … Continue reading