Rogers and Rafas should not always play on Rod Laver

One thing that has surprised me at this years´s Aussie Open are the court assignments. Or if not that, then people´s reactions to it. When Serena Williams played her first match, she was put to open the night session at the new Margaret Court Arena. That´s all right, but then I saw some Serena fan … Continue reading

Wake up! It is time to buy some tickets

The first week of October always means at least one sleep-interrupted night for me. This is not because of insomnia, but something I have written long before in my calendar. The critical time is at 2 a.m. my time. I have to be awake and in front of my computer to reserve some tickets for … Continue reading

Centre courts are overrated

Did you ever buy some Arthur Ashe stadium tickets at the US Open? Were you satisfied with the experience? If you got some courtside tickets, lucky you. But for the majority of us, binoculars are needed. The so-called nosebleed seats are not going to tempt you to see some tennis, especially in the first week … Continue reading