Rogers and Rafas should not always play on Rod Laver

One thing that has surprised me at this years´s Aussie Open are the court assignments. Or if not that, then people´s reactions to it. When Serena Williams played her first match, she was put to open the night session at the new Margaret Court Arena. That´s all right, but then I saw some Serena fan … Continue reading

Ana´s serve toss and Rafa´s pink shirt

My first day of tennis watching started with a sore throat and ended with me sucking ice cubes to get rid of it. In between, I watched some intriguing and not so interesting tennis action. As I have said before, the first day of a tennis tournament is always the best in my mind. Full … Continue reading

And the champion of the Hopman Cup is…

It´s one week into 2015 as I realize I should have made a New Year´s resolution concerning this blog. I should write something down at least once a week, otherwise this would be just another forgotten site in the cyberspace. Now it´s a perfect time to start anew. It´s the first week of the pro … Continue reading

Movement is the key

Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova haven´t had any sort of trouble in their first two matches. Yesterday they were both playing on No. 1 court, Serena first and Maria third. The trouble with big names is often the lack of resistance their opponents are able to give them. That was just what happened yesterday. Chanelle … Continue reading