Omg, 20 years!

I can´t believe how fast time flies. It´s 20 years since I first visited the Wimbledon tournament. I have almost doubled my age after that. People who were born that year are all grown up now, but I don´t feel much difference in age. The calendar tells I´m 43 now, but should I believe it? … Continue reading

Serena or Steffi on the court with me?

Late last Friday I was once again in the middle of our weekly doubles match. It was not looking good – I was serving at 1-5, set point down two times. Somehow we won that game and several games more and ultimately the set in a tiebreaker. Wow! That was a reason for a high-five! … Continue reading

The reason I started to follow tennis – Martina N.

I have been writing this blog for about five months now, so it´s a little wonder my tags still don´t include the person who initially got me interested about tennis – Martina Navratilova. It was the Wimbledon final in 1985 and somehow I had brought myself in front of the TV set in the middle … Continue reading