Cheaper tickets were just as good

I had bought a ticket package for the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions in Singapore featuring two singles matches already in June. Back then I was thinking that maybe I will take one more session on Friday. I chose the day session not only because I´m getting sleepy quite early, but also because of the pricing. … Continue reading

The magic of saving a match point

The first round of the Australian Open was anything but easy for Angelique Kerber. She fought hard but her opponent matched her stroke by stroke. In the first set Kerber led by a break, but let the lead slip away and lost a tiebreaker. In the second set she led again, but lost the advantage. … Continue reading

Eastbourne in pictures

I slept in today and now it´s already time to go to see another day of tennis! As a result, I keep my posting today very short, just adding some photos I took yesterday. I think I do quite well with my little camera. Others carry heavy equipment, but my camera fits to a handbag. … Continue reading

What it takes to play well on clay

The secret of playing well on clay is not always easy to discover. The clay is supposed to reward touch and skill, NOT power. If that is the case, why on earth does Agnieszka Radwanska not have any success on clay? And why was it Martina Hingis´ worst surface? In contrast, the ultimate power player … Continue reading

Thirtysomethings can still do it

In 1990, the big story in tennis was a 13- year old, who was just starting a professional tennis career. 24 years on, can you imagine a crowd of reporters waiting somebody to play her first professional match?  Something similar happened twice in 1994, when there were two 14-year olds doing the same thing, one … Continue reading

Margaret gets some shade

At a Japanese restaurant yesterday I finally realized a Grand Slam tournament is about to begin. The restaurant was really packed since it was Friday evening, but for some strange reason the diners in one table left just as we entered. Five minutes afterwards, there was a familiar face on the door. Martina Hingis. The … Continue reading

USsssszzzzz Open

It´s US Open time, so I should be a little more enthustiastic about writing this blog, creating hair-raising stories about the demise of Roger Federer, the rebirth of Rafael Nadal or the falling of almost all women top seeds, except for the top two. But here I am, on second Tuesday, trying to create something … Continue reading