Crashing brand

Hitting a ball inside the lines and managing to do it well at the right time of the match is the thing that I like in tennis. I love the sound when the ball touches the strings and the different spins. I don´t pay much attention to the brand of clothing and racket any player … Continue reading

The magic of saving a match point

The first round of the Australian Open was anything but easy for Angelique Kerber. She fought hard but her opponent matched her stroke by stroke. In the first set Kerber led by a break, but let the lead slip away and lost a tiebreaker. In the second set she led again, but lost the advantage. … Continue reading

What makes a champion?

Wednesday looked like not so special day as far as the order of play was concerned. Pretty boring matchups, I thought as I decided not to record anything before I was supposed to wake up. How wrong I was! On paper, Sharapova vs. Panova or Nadal vs. Smyczek were just an ordinary day at the … Continue reading

Movement is the key

Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova haven´t had any sort of trouble in their first two matches. Yesterday they were both playing on No. 1 court, Serena first and Maria third. The trouble with big names is often the lack of resistance their opponents are able to give them. That was just what happened yesterday. Chanelle … Continue reading

A perfect day

Today, I´m really going to keep this short. I´m not finding time to write anymore. In the evening I´m too tired, so I have to set an alarm to update my blog. Fortunately, the hotel has the Wi-Fi. Yesterday was a really complete day as far as tennis is concerned. I don´t remember a day … Continue reading

What it takes to play well on clay

The secret of playing well on clay is not always easy to discover. The clay is supposed to reward touch and skill, NOT power. If that is the case, why on earth does Agnieszka Radwanska not have any success on clay? And why was it Martina Hingis´ worst surface? In contrast, the ultimate power player … Continue reading

Ana is making a comeback. Adje!

It looks like the times of the very unstable Ana Ivanovic are about to end. For years, we had to endure her horrific serving toss, her at times brilliant but also inconsistent play and her overexitement. Sometimes it seemed that any point, even a double-fault by her opponent, would cause her to pump her fist … Continue reading

The significant other brings trouble

Today I finally decided to buy another ticket for the Hopman Cup besides that France-Spain match next Friday.  I went for the Australia vs. Italy match on the New Years Eve, mainly because of the atmosphere the Australian presence might bring.  But the atmosphere around the Perth Arena was not so enthusiastic today. The organizers … Continue reading

The natural

I have to apologize for not writing my blog for about two weeks, but I have a very pleasant reason for it. I travelled to Perth four days ago and the climate change has made me forget tennis altogether! I will stay here for the next six weeks, then fly to Melbourne to watch the … Continue reading

Is the end of the season important?

As the tennis season is fast approaching its conclusion, we start to see news feeds containing information like “He can still qualify for the year-end championships, if he reaches the semifinal in this tournament and the final next week.” This talk increases week by week. The tour organizations are the main forces behind these statements, … Continue reading