Jet lagged, but quite happy

Thank God there is still tennis on TV. Otherwise I would just be terribly frustrated by waking up at midnight. Having just returned from Melbourne, by rhytms are still in Melbourne time. I can´t stay awake beyond 6 pm, but can´t sleep beyond midnight either. I was aiming to wake up just before 2 am … Continue reading

My minute in the spotlight

Standing in the shade, waiting for the Australian Open gates to open, a TV cameraman and a reporter came just beside me with their heavy equipment. “Good place to be here” one of them said and I answered something back. Immediately the reporter asked me “Where are you from?” When I answered and told him … Continue reading

Rogers and Rafas should not always play on Rod Laver

One thing that has surprised me at this years´s Aussie Open are the court assignments. Or if not that, then people´s reactions to it. When Serena Williams played her first match, she was put to open the night session at the new Margaret Court Arena. That´s all right, but then I saw some Serena fan … Continue reading

Hisense and MCA in 2015 – what to expect

One more day and then the fun starts! I think I´ll wake up at least at 5 a.m. local time to catch the most of the action at Melbourne Park. There have been times when I have put an alarm on earlier, but it leads to fatigue sooner or later. But at times I just … Continue reading

Good planning is the key

The first day of the Grand Slam tournament – how to approach the vast amount of matches?Which matches to pick since you only can watch a few? I usually plan my day a couple of matches ahead. You cannot do much more than that, since you never can predict the lenght of the matches. The … Continue reading

Margaret gets some shade

At a Japanese restaurant yesterday I finally realized a Grand Slam tournament is about to begin. The restaurant was really packed since it was Friday evening, but for some strange reason the diners in one table left just as we entered. Five minutes afterwards, there was a familiar face on the door. Martina Hingis. The … Continue reading