Look at Katerina now

On Wednesday I saw the best hitting in this tournament this far. And it came from a woman I didn´t expect. In the morning I wanted to see Svetlana Kuznetsova because she won Sydney and she is a Grand Slam champion, of course.  What I ended up to see was Katerina Bondarenko hitting winners right … Continue reading

The end of one era

On Monday, almost all the major web pages on tennis featured the last match of Lleyton Hewitt at Wimbledon – what Hewitt has meant in tennis and what kind of legacy he has left behind. In one sentence, there might also had been a short mention about the man who made it his last match. … Continue reading

Rogers and Rafas should not always play on Rod Laver

One thing that has surprised me at this years´s Aussie Open are the court assignments. Or if not that, then people´s reactions to it. When Serena Williams played her first match, she was put to open the night session at the new Margaret Court Arena. That´s all right, but then I saw some Serena fan … Continue reading

Ana´s serve toss and Rafa´s pink shirt

My first day of tennis watching started with a sore throat and ended with me sucking ice cubes to get rid of it. In between, I watched some intriguing and not so interesting tennis action. As I have said before, the first day of a tennis tournament is always the best in my mind. Full … Continue reading

Kookaburra as an umpire

It does take a very hot day to get me back writing. In Perth we are waiting for a surprise heatwave so early in summer. The temperatures should stay over 35 for the next five days, at least. Today should be only 34, they said in the weather forecast. The heat has not prevented me … Continue reading

USsssszzzzz Open

It´s US Open time, so I should be a little more enthustiastic about writing this blog, creating hair-raising stories about the demise of Roger Federer, the rebirth of Rafael Nadal or the falling of almost all women top seeds, except for the top two. But here I am, on second Tuesday, trying to create something … Continue reading