The most un-Finnish tennis player

This is becoming quite funny. Almost every time I open the TV, there is a Finn playing tennis with an Australian and winning. As a Finn in Australia, this has kept me watching tennis in the evenings in Perth. Henri Kontinen and John Peers just happened to win their first tournament together in Brisbane. I … Continue reading

Moshing to the fin(n)ish line

On Monday I witnessed a great tennis show. These days it takes something extraordinary to keep me captivated. Boris Becker once said that winning Wimbledon at such an early age was a double-edged sword. He kept asking himself: “What else is there?” Winning Wimbledon was supposed to be a highlight for every tennis player, but … Continue reading

The end of one era

On Monday, almost all the major web pages on tennis featured the last match of Lleyton Hewitt at Wimbledon – what Hewitt has meant in tennis and what kind of legacy he has left behind. In one sentence, there might also had been a short mention about the man who made it his last match. … Continue reading

Odd Roland clothing and website

Two days ago I saw some Wilson-sponsored player wear something I thought was meant to be worn only at night or by some clown in cirkus. Immediately I thought that our own Jarkko Nieminen would most certainly wear the same piece on centre court one day after. And I was right. I don´t know how … Continue reading

Andy, the hero

Andy Murray´s popularity has reached new heights after his Wimbledon win last year. Yesterday he was put first on No. 1 court. I think it´s good that he is not playing on Centre all the time. The crowd on other courts are keen to see him as well. Because it is easier to get tickets … Continue reading

A perfect day

Today, I´m really going to keep this short. I´m not finding time to write anymore. In the evening I´m too tired, so I have to set an alarm to update my blog. Fortunately, the hotel has the Wi-Fi. Yesterday was a really complete day as far as tennis is concerned. I don´t remember a day … Continue reading

Good planning is the key

The first day of the Grand Slam tournament – how to approach the vast amount of matches?Which matches to pick since you only can watch a few? I usually plan my day a couple of matches ahead. You cannot do much more than that, since you never can predict the lenght of the matches. The … Continue reading

Stockholm Open is unique

There are few tennis arenas where every seat is a good seat. Kungliga tennishallen (royal tennis hall) in Stockholm is definitely one of them. Providing seating for approximately 3000, there are simply no bad seats. Unfortunately, that is the main reason the Stockholm Open can´t ever get bigger tournament status. Because of the small stadium … Continue reading

An underrated athlete

  On the eve of a challenger tournament in Tampere, Finland, I want to pay my respects to one athlete who has not got enough respect in his home country. He happens to play tennis. In Finland, javelin throwers and ski jumpers got much more attention. Some of them have also been labelled as the … Continue reading