Fast4 tiebreak, what´s going on?

Switzerland won the Hopman Cup for the second year running. An expected result, bearing in mind that Roger Federer was once again in the team. Although Germany had a strong team in singles, Zverev and Kerber are not great doubles players. Actually, they surprised me in mixed doubles. In the first set they were down … Continue reading

Amelie is back!

Entering Perth Arena today I immediately noticed somebody who has not been around for about six months. Amelie Mauresmo was there on court with Andy Murray for the warm-up. Andy certainly doesn´t belong to the chauvinist “women players are fat lazy pigs” men. She has often talked publicly very admiringly about various female players. And … Continue reading

Serena away, it was mixed that made the day

Serena, Serena, you let me down. I bought just these tickets to see you, but you didn´t show up. Knee injury, they said. OK, was it just a tame explanation for the fact that you arrived here just two days ago, hoping to be in shape to play. You should ask Andy Murray how to … Continue reading

Hobbling Hopman Cup

Sometimes it takes just a little bit of visual stimulation to get your brain accustomed to something that hasn´t been there for a long time. Walking by the Perth Arena today I suddenly realized that after all, there is a sport called tennis in this world! It has been the furthest thing in my mind … Continue reading

And the champion of the Hopman Cup is…

It´s one week into 2015 as I realize I should have made a New Year´s resolution concerning this blog. I should write something down at least once a week, otherwise this would be just another forgotten site in the cyberspace. Now it´s a perfect time to start anew. It´s the first week of the pro … Continue reading

Jo-Willy entertains

My second day at the Hopman Cup was a way better experience than the first. First, I had a much better seat very close to the court. Second, I had friends with whom I discussed the happenings on court. Third, the players on court actually happened to enjoy the moment which seemed not to be … Continue reading

Big arena, little atmosphere

Today I watched some live tennis here in Perth finally. I had chances since Saturday, but I just didn´t want to take them. Why? Simply because this type of  tournament just doesn´t appeal to me. You know beforehand that you have nowhere else to go if the match on a main arena doesn´t fulfill expectations. … Continue reading

Ready? Play!

For me, there are five very exciting moments in a tennis year and one of them stands out as the best.  You cannot predict which matches will turn out spectacular in any certain year, but one thing you can certainly predict are the tournament times. The most exciting time is about to start now. It … Continue reading

A rare sight – natural grass courts

Yesterday I was walking through a suburb called Mount Pleasant near Perth, when I suddenly and accidentally started to hear a familiar voice – plop, plop, plop. Tennis balls being hit! I took a look to the left and there it was – a vast field filled with tennis courts and players. First there were … Continue reading

The natural

I have to apologize for not writing my blog for about two weeks, but I have a very pleasant reason for it. I travelled to Perth four days ago and the climate change has made me forget tennis altogether! I will stay here for the next six weeks, then fly to Melbourne to watch the … Continue reading