Odd Roland clothing and website

Two days ago I saw some Wilson-sponsored player wear something I thought was meant to be worn only at night or by some clown in cirkus. Immediately I thought that our own Jarkko Nieminen would most certainly wear the same piece on centre court one day after. And I was right. I don´t know how … Continue reading

The big thing on clay is soon under way

I started the outdoor tennis season on clay today. The photo above, however, was taken last year in similar circumstances. The gentlemen on left were around even this time, but there was no chance to put shorts on, it was so cool and windy. The court was not in great shape either, the ball bounced … Continue reading

Ana is making a comeback. Adje!

It looks like the times of the very unstable Ana Ivanovic are about to end. For years, we had to endure her horrific serving toss, her at times brilliant but also inconsistent play and her overexitement. Sometimes it seemed that any point, even a double-fault by her opponent, would cause her to pump her fist … Continue reading