Steffi vs. Monica, part II?

The intense tennis spectating at Birmingham and Eastbourne tournaments is over.  I am at home checking the brand new Wimbledon draw. I will watch Wimbledon at home with my computer, but before that I want to write down something I don´t think anyone has written down before. I think we all might well be soon … Continue reading

The pocket rocket is back

Birmingham is over, now is all starts again at Eastbourne! Yesterday was quite an uncertain day as far as the weather was concerned. It was raining all morning and well into the afternoon. Fortunately I didn´t have tickets for Monday. But I thought that if it cleared up until 3 p.m. I would enter the … Continue reading

Birmingham premiere

It´s raining cats and dogs here at home the whole day. Good time to break my blog silence and tell something about the future. My on-site tennis deprivation finally ends on June. But this year I´m not going to Wimbledon.  Instead I will be attending two ladies´ tournaments back to back. Already last summer I … Continue reading

Money, money

It seems that lately I have spent all my time writing articles about things like handicraft classes and the importance of silence in everyday life. Plus stories on football and orienteering, something about every sport imaginable but tennis! Yes, I do it for money.  As a result, I have postponed my tennis book project. Is … Continue reading

Angie, the retriever

By far the best match yesterday in Eastbourne was played first in the morning. Angelique Kerber was fighting against Caroline Wozniacki. Those two are playing pretty similar game. Both are exceptional in defense and don´t have one killer shot. That means many long rallies and sometimes impossible retrieving. However, the aura of these two players … Continue reading

Pizza improves performance

Eat pizza, play better! That could be the new slogan in tennis. Sam Querrey ate a big cheesy pizza the night before he went out to play his quarterfinal match in Eastbourne. He went on to play well, won his match against Julien Bennetteu and reached his first semifinal on the ATP tour for some … Continue reading

Eastbourne calling

Congratulations Flavia Pennetta and Novak Djokovic for winning the Indian Wells titles! And then the road goes to the Miami tournament. I have to say that several years ago I bought a travel guide to Miami because I was sure I would go there in a year or two. But no, I have still not … Continue reading

For those who like to see everything up close

As someone who started her tennis tournament career at Wimbledon, getting to know the smaller tournaments has provided another perspective. Eastbourne was the first tournament I ever attended outside of the Grand Slams. Besides Wimbledon, I had visited the US Open once when I arrived to this seaside town for the first time in 2001. … Continue reading