High heels with a thunder

A new tournament is always thrilling to explore. You don´t know how the court would look like from the stands and how close you are actually getting. This week I´m watching WTA Finals in Singapore for the first time. But before I got to the arena, I fortunately checked the other programme during the day. … Continue reading

Centre Court exclusive

I have been watching a lot of tennis during the last two months. But since I have not been personally present at the tournaments, I haven´t felt the urgent need to write something. Every photo I would had posted had been taken months if not years ago and the press has covered every move that … Continue reading

The pocket rocket is back

Birmingham is over, now is all starts again at Eastbourne! Yesterday was quite an uncertain day as far as the weather was concerned. It was raining all morning and well into the afternoon. Fortunately I didn´t have tickets for Monday. But I thought that if it cleared up until 3 p.m. I would enter the … Continue reading