Sunny but chilly

Have I already told that I try to avoid staying in hotels? In hotels, you get the standard room, you walk a long corridor and then try to find the right number. Once again I´m staying at an private house booked through Airbnb. Yesterday was a great example why this is better than hotels – … Continue reading

Hello, Birmingham

It´s always exciting to enter a new venue in tennis. You don´t know anything about the area, what it looks like, how it feels like, what the atmosphere is like. Yesterday entering the Priory Club in Birmingham for the first time my first thought was a disappointment, although it turned out to be a great … Continue reading

Birmingham premiere

It´s raining cats and dogs here at home the whole day. Good time to break my blog silence and tell something about the future. My on-site tennis deprivation finally ends on June. But this year I´m not going to Wimbledon.  Instead I will be attending two ladies´ tournaments back to back. Already last summer I … Continue reading

Money, money

It seems that lately I have spent all my time writing articles about things like handicraft classes and the importance of silence in everyday life. Plus stories on football and orienteering, something about every sport imaginable but tennis! Yes, I do it for money.  As a result, I have postponed my tennis book project. Is … Continue reading