Waiting is no fun

My second day at the Madrid Open started not much better than the first day. This time I arrived with a shuttle bus that travels between Legazpi and Caja Magica, the venue of the tournament. There was a long line for ticket holders and one even longer line for ticket buyers. The problem was once … Continue reading

Rafa has lost a step

I don´t think if I ever had seen so much tennis I wanted to see in a single day that I had yesterday. I started at Margaret Court Arena which I had tickets for watching Madison Keys against Zarina Diyas, then continued with Andy Murray and Alexander Zverev. Because I already saw the latter matchup … Continue reading

My minute in the spotlight

Standing in the shade, waiting for the Australian Open gates to open, a TV cameraman and a reporter came just beside me with their heavy equipment. “Good place to be here” one of them said and I answered something back. Immediately the reporter asked me “Where are you from?” When I answered and told him … Continue reading

Hello, Birmingham

It´s always exciting to enter a new venue in tennis. You don´t know anything about the area, what it looks like, how it feels like, what the atmosphere is like. Yesterday entering the Priory Club in Birmingham for the first time my first thought was a disappointment, although it turned out to be a great … Continue reading

The big thing on clay is soon under way

I started the outdoor tennis season on clay today. The photo above, however, was taken last year in similar circumstances. The gentlemen on left were around even this time, but there was no chance to put shorts on, it was so cool and windy. The court was not in great shape either, the ball bounced … Continue reading

Ana´s serve toss and Rafa´s pink shirt

My first day of tennis watching started with a sore throat and ended with me sucking ice cubes to get rid of it. In between, I watched some intriguing and not so interesting tennis action. As I have said before, the first day of a tennis tournament is always the best in my mind. Full … Continue reading

A perfect day

Today, I´m really going to keep this short. I´m not finding time to write anymore. In the evening I´m too tired, so I have to set an alarm to update my blog. Fortunately, the hotel has the Wi-Fi. Yesterday was a really complete day as far as tennis is concerned. I don´t remember a day … Continue reading

Ana is making a comeback. Adje!

It looks like the times of the very unstable Ana Ivanovic are about to end. For years, we had to endure her horrific serving toss, her at times brilliant but also inconsistent play and her overexitement. Sometimes it seemed that any point, even a double-fault by her opponent, would cause her to pump her fist … Continue reading

Genius Genie

Could my wait be soon over? In the last several years I have been waiting and waiting for a new established woman tennis star to emerge without much success. We have had several good German women coming up, but none of them has been consistent enough. We had Sloane Stephens, who had not really come … Continue reading

Good planning is the key

The first day of the Grand Slam tournament – how to approach the vast amount of matches?Which matches to pick since you only can watch a few? I usually plan my day a couple of matches ahead. You cannot do much more than that, since you never can predict the lenght of the matches. The … Continue reading