Centre Court exclusive

I have been watching a lot of tennis during the last two months. But since I have not been personally present at the tournaments, I haven´t felt the urgent need to write something. Every photo I would had posted had been taken months if not years ago and the press has covered every move that … Continue reading

My minute in the spotlight

Standing in the shade, waiting for the Australian Open gates to open, a TV cameraman and a reporter came just beside me with their heavy equipment. “Good place to be here” one of them said and I answered something back. Immediately the reporter asked me “Where are you from?” When I answered and told him … Continue reading

Eastbourne in pictures

I slept in today and now it´s already time to go to see another day of tennis! As a result, I keep my posting today very short, just adding some photos I took yesterday. I think I do quite well with my little camera. Others carry heavy equipment, but my camera fits to a handbag. … Continue reading

Upset frenzy

Upsets are the best thing in tennis. I always look forward to seeing them already in the first week of a Grand Slam. Ernests Gulbis beating Roger Federer is great in my opinion, although the French fans might have been thinking otherwise. They even cheered the errors of Gulbis, which I think is bad. Li … Continue reading

What it takes to play well on clay

The secret of playing well on clay is not always easy to discover. The clay is supposed to reward touch and skill, NOT power. If that is the case, why on earth does Agnieszka Radwanska not have any success on clay? And why was it Martina Hingis´ worst surface? In contrast, the ultimate power player … Continue reading