Waiting is no fun



My second day at the Madrid Open started not much better than the first day. This time I arrived with a shuttle bus that travels between Legazpi and Caja Magica, the venue of the tournament. There was a long line for ticket holders and one even longer line for ticket buyers. The problem was once again that nothing moved. I suppose the ticket-selling and entering systems were once again out of order. The ticket sellers just watched helplessly towards Caja Magica. Manana, manana, this is the Spanish way of doing things. Queueing is the thing at Wimbledon but there you expect it. At the same time, people from a parking lot tried to pass the queues all the time. Sometimes they got stopped but quite many more passed the queues. It took some one and an half hour to finally get in.
When entering I noticed one thing that kept the people waiting. There were a lot tickets printed at home and they just couldn´t read the barcodes. Because of that they stamped the tickets with some kind of old-fashioned device. The security control was not so strict this time. Maybe they figured out they would never get this crowd in if they did it properly.

Fortunately the day was a lot warmer than yesterday. I started by watching a newcomer Patricia Maria Tig beat Sloane Stephens and a new Aussie Daria Davrilova defeat Elina Svitolina. Then to the shade inside the cube to watch Milos Raonic with his massive serve, Richard Gasquet playing against a Spanish player whose name I don´t remember hearing ever before and Ana Ivanovic playing against an American qualifier Louisa Chirico. This last match I watched was quite entertaining, although I didn´t stay quite to the end.

It seems almost all woman top seeds are losing, but men are just getting started. Two  days of tennis were enough for me – now into other activities!

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