Hobbling Hopman Cup


Sometimes it takes just a little bit of visual stimulation to get your brain accustomed to something that hasn´t been there for a long time.
Walking by the Perth Arena today I suddenly realized that after all, there is a sport called tennis in this world! It has been the furthest thing in my mind in recent weeks. Instead, I have been walking, photographing birds and spending time in my so-called second home. I really lose my health if stay back home in Finland through the dark winter, so I always come to Perth to recuperate. The first few weeks always go very fast and the off-season in tennis means the yellow ball and the rackets just don´t enter your thoughts at all.
Today was really the first day when I noticed some brilliant feelings of anticipation coming back. Flags featuring Serena Williams and Andy Murray! Practise court ready already! But the strange thing is that I don´t have any tickets yet. I have been thinking that I might attend two sessions, USA against Ukraine and Germany against UK, but have done nothing to confirm that. I´m just waiting for my partner to come from Finland, probably we make the decision in a few days.
The fact is, I´m not such a big fan of this tournament. I have presented the reasons before, but say it once again. One injury or illness can destroy a team, a spectator experience, and the whole tournament. We have seen it before: one injury means retirement in a singles match and there will not be the mixed doubles after that. The spectator can get only one full singles match.  If the injury happens in the first days of the tournament, the country has no chance but continue without the other player. Sometimes substitutes have been flown from tournaments in eastern coast played simultaneusly. In any case, it is very unsure business for all involved.
Probably the countries sense this too. One clear evidence was the fact that this year there will will two Australian teams playing. The organisers must have had difficulties getting enough nations to come to Perth.
But there are also advantages. Serena Williams says it´s the best preparation for the Australian Open, because you are guaranteed several singles matches. At an ordinary tournament, you can just be rusty after such a long layoff and lose your first match. After that It´s too late to get any match practise.
In a week I should know whether I take one or two sessions, then I´ll tell more!

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