Quiet, please! Oh, stop this nonsense


I´m pretty sure you have attended some other sports events besides tennis.  What has the atmosphere been like? Encouraging, lively, even noisy? Yes, you got it. The atmosphere in tennis tournaments is often quite the opposite. The crowd is discouraged to make any noise. If the applause or other crowd noise lasts more than twenty seconds, the umpire is quick to utter the famous words “Quiet, please!”

When the match really gets going, the crowd often makes the Mexican wave. The umpire has no other choice than say it over and over again. “Quiet, please.  Will you please be quiet? The players are ready.”

Well, if the players are ready, why don´t they just start playing? I have seen some players ignoring the noise and start serving, but the most of them wait and wait, sometimes even minutes.

I don´t think there must be absolute silence in tennis. The only thing that may disturb the players is the fact that they might not hear the line calls or the umpire´s voice.  In most cases the starting of the point silences the crowd automatically. If the point gets very exciting, the crowd “oohs” and “aahs” naturally. After the point, the umpire drops everybody back to earth by saying “Please be quiet during the point”, just disturbing the enjoyment of the fans.

I´m not only criticising the umpires, but I also blame the players. If there is just a little movement in the crowd, some of them refuse to start a point. “Take your seats quickly, please”, is another favourite line of an umpire, but it is usually encouraged by the inaction of the players.

As a result, tennis may have difficulties to invite general sports fans to follow this great game. Why bother buying tickets when you have to sit like in a church, in silence. Nobody needs the absolute silence, umpires and players have just made us think it is a necessity. No way! We need some noise and excitement! Yell and roar at the US Open!


2 Responses to “Quiet, please! Oh, stop this nonsense”
  1. pov says:

    I’m glad that tennis emphasize relative quiet. The sounds I like hearing are the on-court ones. So . yeah . . .bring the quiet!

  2. Alex says:

    In this life exists tennis or other sports, so Silence, Please!

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